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B+W F-Pro HTC circular Pol Käsemann MRC105 105 mm

B+W F-Pro HTC circular Pol Käsemann MRC105 105 mm
98 000 Ft

B+W F-Pro HTC Circular Polarizers "KÄSEMANN" MRC 105 mm

B+W "Käsemann" circular polarizers are manufactured with a polarizing foil of extremely strict and exacting specifications. In terms of color neutrality and extinction capability, the foil quality is ideal. Furthermore, the glass used for this filter is sanded and fine-polished for excellent optical quality and the advanced cementing technique prevents delamination in environments of high humidity. This filter does not impair the image sharpness of high-quality photographic lenses, which is particularly important in high-resolution digital cameras and aspherical tele lenses.

B+W coating: MRC

  • Szállítás rendelésre

    Garancia 1 év

    • Tulajdonságok
      • Neutral Colour:
      • igen
      • Multi Coated:
      • igen
    • Típus
      • Polarizációs szűrő:
      • igen
    • Àltalános
      • Átmérő (mm):
      • 105
  • Cikkszám
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